It’s Not Only A Men’s Shed

Having been established for more than six years and with over 80 members the Port Phillip Men’s Shed (PPMSA) expanded its activities in 2018 to allow for the inclusion of women members. Women who are keen to become involved in wood working, metal working, gardening or general hobbies may now join the PPMSA as Associate Members.

Valda working on her picture frames

Valda working on her picture frames

Membership is easy, simply fill out a membership application form and pay the required membership fee. You may then attend our mixed workshop sessions currently held on Fridays from 9am to 1pm. Additional mixed sessions may become available in 2019. Various training workshops will also be held in 2019; picture framing, lead lighting, welding etc.

New members are required to complete a simple safety induction prior to undertaking any workshop activities and technical support and assistance is available. Current women members have completed a range of exciting activities in 2018; building a set of bunks, picture framing, chopping boards, etc.

Mixed group in five week course 2018

Mixed group in five week course 2018

If you are interested in joining please feel free to contact any of the following:

President: Bob Small 0417 067 319
Secretary: Tony Donohue 0412 105 464
Workshop Mgr Rod Hall 0409 055 885
Treasurer: Justin Gates 0432 427 029
Membership: Stephen Ingrouille 0432 390 018

Or simply drop into one of our Friday mixed sessions at our Shed located at Southport Uniting Church, 319 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne and ask to speak with the supervisor on duty. Sessions recommence on Friday 1 February 2019.

Community Group Completes Course at Men’s Shed

Voices of the South Side (VoSS) collaborated with the Port Phillip Men’s Shed to run a five week introduction to woodwork course with men and women from the VoSS program.

Mixed group in five week course 2018

Mixed group in five week course 2018

Twelve people including the two VoSS facilitators signed up as Men’s Shed members with past woodwork experience varying greatly amongst the group. Nine people from VoSS attended regularly with several participants opting to attend the Men’s Shed on general operating days rather than as a part of a course.

The aim of the course was to link VoSS participants to the Men’s Shed to reignite past interest in woodwork, teach people new skills and provide a new pathway into community participation that could be pursued independently. Completed projects included picture frames, a stand for a statue, a coffee table, wooden box for a saxophone mouthpiece and four people making chopping boards.

Feedback received at the completion of the course was very favourable.
Participants were highly satisfied with their experience of the course and their expectations were more than met. A couple had overestimated their skills and thought that they might be bored but the course allowed people who were more advanced to pursue their own projects with enough supervisors on board to facilitate this.
Group members felt very supported by the supervisors and felt that they were patient and flexible.

Due to the success of this pilot program we are considering further programs in 2019 and if we decide to proceed we will be looking for members to assist. The most likely session times will be Mondays 1pm to 3pm

Further information will be provided in February.

Bob Small
Port Phillip Men’s Shed


Our annual Christmas tree fundraiser coordinated by Tony over the past two years has been another wonderful success this year raising over $1179. Congratulations to Tony for his efforts during the year and a big thank you to those members who assisted him during the year: John, Dave, Peter, Daryl, Rod and Don.

Our thanks to the South Melbourne Market who provided us with a stall free of charge which was managed by Tony and Don from 9.30am to 2.30pm last Saturday. Both Tony and Don demonstrated their adept salesmanship skills in not only selling our products but also endeavouring to recruit new members. Once again this was a sell out!!

Members are reminded that fundraising activities are an important part of our income and allow us to keep our membership fees at a very low rate, these have not been increased in six year. It is a condition of membership is that all members must participate in at least two community projects or fundraising activities each year.

We look forward to bigger and brighter activities in 2019.

Best wishes to all.


Bob Small


Statement of Purpose

At the PPMSA AGM on 20/11/2018, a revised Statement of Purpose was approved.

This revision reiterates our focus on the provision of shed facilities to our members; recognises our acceptance of female members and strengthens our commitment to working closely within our community.




The purpose of the Association shall be:

To promote men’s physical and mental health by being mindful of individual member’s needs and concerns and providing a range of fellowship activities and health seminars.

To encourage and promote positive social interaction amongst members by means of cooperative and supportive workshop practices, meetings and other social activities.

To encourage members to share their skills, knowledge and experience and to work in a cooperative spirit.

To liaise with community groups with the aim of providing support to individual or joint projects which assist the delivery of enhanced services to the general community.

To provide an opportunity for members who are keen to be involved in hands on experience in workshop activities by providing assistance and guidance to all participant levels.

Encourage the involvement of women associate members at selected workshop sessions or associated Shed activities.

To facilitate the provision of well equipped, practical, safe and inclusive workshop and general activity spaces.

To operate as a not for profit Association.

To remain as a non-political and non-sectarian Association.






Xmas/NY shutdown

SPUC shed’s last open day this year will be Saturday 15/12/18, and will re-open Friday 1/2/19.

Saturday 15/12/18 will be a general clean up day.

During the shutdown period we will be undergoing maintenance of  existing equipment and replacement of the dust extraction system and the mitre saw. We will also assess and upgrade/tidy up, as necessary, our storage areas and general work bench areas.

We would like all members to volunteer some time to assist with these activities.

Please contact Rod Hall 0409 055 885 if you are able to assist.

PPMSA Annual General Meeting

The PPMSA AGM was held on Tuesday 20/11/2018. Many thanks to those members who attended.
The current committee was re-elected as follows:President: Bob Small
Secretary: Tony Donohue
Treasurer: Justin Gates
Committee members:
John Stirling
Rod Hall (Workshop Manager)
Stephen Ingrouille (Memberships)
Barry Bevan
Peter Harkin

Also an additional committee member Ossie Savari was elected this year. Welcome Ossie.

Membership fees were retained at current levels i.e. $20 once-off joining fee, and $40 membership fee per annum. These fees have not increased for 6 years, thanks to those members who assist with a range of income producing activities, including Bunnings BBQ’s; community shed projects and other fund raisers. All members are encouraged to provide some time to these key activities to maintain income levels.

The AGM also approved a new PPMSA Statement of Purpose- see separate website post

The minutes of the AGM will be available in due course.

Please contact any committee member, if you require any further information from the AGM.