AMSA/PPMSA Lunch 2 March 2019


On Saturday 2nd March 2019, PPMSA hosted visiting AMSA management to meet with our members and other shedders to share experiences and discuss matters of importance in the continual development of Men’s Sheds in Australia.

Members of other sheds from Brighton, Melbourne, Bentmoor and Forest Hill inspected our shed, talked to members and joined us for lunch.

It is clear from the other “shedders” feedback, that we should be very proud of what PPMSA has achieved. They were all impressed with what they saw.

Visiting AMSA management included Marty Leist (Event & Volunteer Coordinator) and Stuart Torrance (Mens Health Project Officer). Marty provided the following feedback:

“The atmosphere was warm, welcoming, relaxed, and enlightening. Just what we had hoped for and ….the way it should be. Stuart and I also gained an abundance of invaluable feedback to take back with us as well as making some great connections. We do hope that we can organise something similar again soon and would look forward to seeing everyone again.”

Thank you to everyone who helped on the day.IMG_8005




Code of Conduct

The PPMSA committee has recently reviewed the Code of Conduct applicable to all members. Please be guided accordingly.


The Port Phillip Men’s Shed Association will always maintain an open-door policy and will not reject any person because of race, sex, disability, religion or age, although some special conditions may apply in certain circumstances.               

During any PPMSA endorsed activity members must:

Behave honestly and with integrity

Act with care and diligence

Treat everyone with respect and courtesy and without harassment

Comply with all applicable Australian laws

Comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given with authority by the PPMSA Committee

Maintain appropriate confidentiality

Disclose and take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest (real or apparent)

Use PPMSA equipment and resources in a safe and proper manner; and

At all times behave in a way that upholds the PPMSA’s values, integrity and good reputation of the PPMSA.



PPMSA Policy 002 Code of Conduct 190211

Statement of Purpose

At the PPMSA AGM on 20/11/2018, a revised Statement of Purpose was approved.

This revision reiterates our focus on the provision of shed facilities to our members; recognises our acceptance of female members and strengthens our commitment to working closely within our community.




The purpose of the Association shall be:

To promote men’s physical and mental health by being mindful of individual member’s needs and concerns and providing a range of fellowship activities and health seminars.

To encourage and promote positive social interaction amongst members by means of cooperative and supportive workshop practices, meetings and other social activities.

To encourage members to share their skills, knowledge and experience and to work in a cooperative spirit.

To liaise with community groups with the aim of providing support to individual or joint projects which assist the delivery of enhanced services to the general community.

To provide an opportunity for members who are keen to be involved in hands on experience in workshop activities by providing assistance and guidance to all participant levels.

Encourage the involvement of women associate members at selected workshop sessions or associated Shed activities.

To facilitate the provision of well equipped, practical, safe and inclusive workshop and general activity spaces.

To operate as a not for profit Association.

To remain as a non-political and non-sectarian Association.




PPMSA Policy 001 Statement of Purpose 181120