Volunteers Wanted – St Kilda / Elwood


We have a great opportunity to raise sizeable funds for the Shed. This involves assembling and installing a display sign for the Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre.

The work requires 3-4 persons for about 3-4 hours, assembly is fairly easy with prefabricated panels and hex head screws. Installation requires two holes 800-1000mm deep filled with quickset cement.

The work can be completed on any day of the week.

If you are interested in participating as part of your contribution to the Shed please text Bob Small on 0417 067 319. You will be advised when arrangements are finalised.

Volunteers Wanted – Get Involved

PPMSA is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on income from fund raising activities and grants from Governments and other organisations.
We welcome volunteers to assist with fund raising and community events including a Bunnings BBQ once a month; Mens Health Week and the Seniors Festival. Volunteers need not be PPMSA members, but you will provide a valuable service to our shed and the local community and at the same time become more aware about the Port Phillip Mens Shed Association.



If you are interested in helping out please contact Bob on:

Email: bob.mensshed@bigpond.com

Mobile : 0466 525 910

March 2018 Newsletter


President Bob Small has circulated the March 2018 Newsletter to all members, and of course it will be of interest to others (considering joining?).

You can download it here=> NEWSLETTER MARCH 2018.

Read about:

  • The make up of the new committee (well done guys);
  • Finance report (healthy);
  • The Men’s Shed Garden (flourishing!);
  • Project updates (including Tony’s fantastic efforts with the Christmas trees, and an intriguing member’s project);
  • Heat policy;
  • Volunteers needed (for projects generally, but especially for the Bunnings BBQ);
  • Computer training (come on, now is the time to update yourself!);
  • Upcoming events and courses (welding anyone?);
  • and last but perhaps the most important, A Safety Message.


Garden progress


Willing worker Alex is putting the finishing touches to the new garden shed at the SPUC Men’s Shed garden.

Great work from Dermot, John, Rod, Bob, Steve and many others has brought the veggie garden to the stage where numerous plantings are in place, including chillis, cabbages, tomatoes, capsicums, and various herbs.

Well done to all contributors. Check out our facebook site for more photos.

Port Melbourne Metalworking Shed

Port Melbourne Metalworking Shed at National Storage

Port Melbourne Metalworking Shed at National Storage

Work has started on converting the Port Melbourne Metalworking Shed at National Storage, corner of Salmon Street and Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, into a fully equipped machine shop.

National Storage have generously donated the use of one of their sheds for the past 3 years and have recently agreed to allow us to use it for metalworking.

We have cleaned it out and recently purchased and installed a new lathe and mill complete with tooling etc.

The next step is to upgrade the wiring and lighting and set up a welding bay.

We expect to have the shed operational in December.

Please contact Rod Hall (0409 055 885) for further information or if you would like to get involved in setting the shed up.

Fix-It Services

Fixing wood dowels on a broken chair

Fixing wood dowels on a broken chair

The Port Phillip Men’s Shed Association provides a free “fix it” service to members of the local community.

We will advise on and/or repair any non-electrical items you may have which need attention.

This ranges from simply tightening a loose broom or mop to repairing broken chairs etc.

We also repair simple children’s toys for kindergartens or schools.

The service is provided to members of the local Port Phillip community free of charge unless there are significant material costs in which case we charge only for materials purchased and used specifically on your project.

So if you’re trolley has a loose wheel or your chair is a bit wobbly bring it down to the SPUC shed on a Saturday and we’ll do our best to fix it.