Member Personal Accident Insurance

All members are alerted to the following exclusions in regard to claiming related medical costs under our AMSA Voluntary Workers (members) Personal Accident insurance arrangement.

The principal exclusions applying are as follows:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • All costs where Medicare covers any part of the cost.

The latter point above is particularly important because all general insurers are prohibited by law to insure what is knows as the “Gap” i.e. the difference between the full medical cost and any Medicare refund.

If a member is injured at the shed and seeks treatment at a Doctors General Practice, then Medicare would generally cover part of this service and our insurer would not cover the subsequent out-of-pocket expense. The out-of-pocket expense would be the member’s responsibility.

If a member has private medical insurance, then this may provide further reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.

Depending on the injury circumstances, the AMSA Insurance Program provides a number of defined injury benefits and for some, other insurance exclusions/limitations may also apply.

Members can read the full AMSA 2019/2020 Insurance Program Frequently Asked Questions, which are available at the SPUC shed.

Code of Conduct

The PPMSA committee has recently reviewed the Code of Conduct applicable to all members. Please be guided accordingly.


The Port Phillip Men’s Shed Association will always maintain an open-door policy and will not reject any person because of race, sex, disability, religion or age, although some special conditions may apply in certain circumstances.               

During any PPMSA endorsed activity members must:

Behave honestly and with integrity

Act with care and diligence

Treat everyone with respect and courtesy and without harassment

Comply with all applicable Australian laws

Comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given with authority by the PPMSA Committee

Maintain appropriate confidentiality

Disclose and take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest (real or apparent)

Use PPMSA equipment and resources in a safe and proper manner; and

At all times behave in a way that upholds the PPMSA’s values, integrity and good reputation of the PPMSA.



PPMSA Policy 002 Code of Conduct 190211

Shed Reopening 2019

The Committee wishes all members, their family and friends a happy and safe 2019.

The Shed re-opens this Friday 1 February from 9am to 1pm (mixed session) and Saturday 2 February 10am to 4pm.

During the break the Committee and member volunteers have been working diligently on the refurbishment of the Southport Uniting Shed. A big thank you to the following members who gave their time to put in a great effort in getting the Shed refurbished:

Steve Hanna Peter Greenacre John Timoshanko
Roger Joyce Chris Sargood Ossie Savari
Chris Lynch Tim Smith Peter Harkin
Barry Bevin Tony Donohue Rod Hall
John Stirling Justin Gates Steve Ingrouille

Some of the improvements that have been implemented include:

New Dust Extraction System

Due to an increased requirement and extension of our operating hours it was decided that an improved dust extraction system was required in the machine shop.

2019-new-dust-extraction-sysThe new system has far greater capacity and power than the previous system and has been connected to all equipment in the machine shop. Members using the equipment will need to ensure they have the correct inlet vents opened or closed as required.

Special thanks to the Elwood Branch of the Bendigo Bank for providing the funding to enable the purchase of this new equipment.

Mitre Saw

Increased use of our old mitre saw meant it was becoming insufficient for our requirements. It was decided that we should upgrade the saw and a new Festool Kapex KS 120 saw was purchased, this was funded by a grant from the South Melbourne Community Chest.


The new mitre saw has many functions that were not present on the previous equipment and due to its complexity, ALL MEMBERS, regardless of their previous experience or work history, are required to undertake a short training session before using the saw for the first time. These can be arranged through one of the Duty Supervisors. Anyone interested in reading the instruction manual for this equipment can do so here:

A condensed version will be provided with the saw.

Table Saw

2019-table-sawWe are currently seeking funding for a new table saw but, in the meantime, we have relocated the old dust extractor from the machine shop, and it is dedicated to the table saw. This should improve the operation of the saw.

Lathe Relocation

To improve safety the lathe has been relocated within the machine shop

Additional Shelving

Additional shelving has been installed on the end wall and we are progressively sorting and restacking the numerous bits and pieces that are there.

Cordless Hand Tools

The cordless tools and chargers have been relocated to one section of the machine shop where they are secured.

Wall Racking

The wall racking above the work bench has been doubled in height and the tools have been sorted and re-racked. The will enable the benchtop to be cleared and will provide five permanent work stations.

Meeting Room Improvements

A new bench and drawers have been installed in the front meeting room and these will provide additional storage for kitchen utensils etc plus improved tea / coffee making facilities and food serving.

Internal Improvements

The internal walls and benchtops have been repainted and the floor has been degreased and cleaned.

Members’ Responsibilities

A lot of effort and cost has gone into this refurbishment / upgrade and you can assist in keeping the Shed in good, safe working order by doing the following:

  • Remembering SAFETY is always our priority. You must adhere to all safety requirements including the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for example, hearing and eye protection. You must also ensure that your actions do not endanger you or any of your fellow Shed members.
  • Ensuring you are aware of the operations and capabilities of equipment before you use any machinery. Only use equipment for the purpose for which it was designed and at its prescribed rate. Do not force feed or overstress any equipment.
  • Only using good quality materials when operating machinery. Tree stumps, branches and poor-quality second-hand timber are not to be used on the equipment. If in doubt, please ask the on-duty Supervisor.
  • Returning all tools to their designed place immediately after you have finished with them. There may be others who are waiting to use the same tool.
  • Ensuring you assist with the end of session clean up, when all machinery and tools must be properly cleaned and stored.

We now have nearly 90 members and with additional workshop activities planned, other than our regular workshop sessions, it is always important that the workshop be left in a clean and tidy state. There is only limited storage available for members’ personal projects and you may be required to take your materials with you at the end of any session.

Once again, thanks to all the members who gave their time to assist with this excellent refurbishment program.

We look forward to another excellent year in 2019 and will be introducing a range of new activities for members during the year.


On behalf of the Committee

Bob Small



Social Activities For 2019

To further expand our Shed activities the Committee has decided to appoint a “Social Events Coordinator” to organise a range of social events for this year. We are pleased to advise that Ossie Savari has put his hand up for this role.

We have already identified two social activities that members will be able to engage in and we are seeking your interest in participating in these:


We are seeking interest from members to join the Port Phillip Men’s Shed Golf Club (PPMSGC). We could play once a month at Albert Park with a fee to play for the day and award prizes for best on course etc. and an end of year function to celebrate individual performances throughout the year etc.

This will be a fun filled activity for members interested in “having a bash” with a few laughs and a bit of friendship and social activity included. All PPMSA members, including women members, are eligible to join in.


We have had an enquiry from Cricket Victoria to see if we are interested in fielding a side in their forthcoming cricket program. Once again, this is a social activity catering for all ages and abilities.

 Port Phillip Men’s Shed – Pilot Cricket Program 2019

Date:                   March or April 2019

Time:                  TBA however suggested timing is 10am – 11am

Location:            Junction Oval (indoor cricket nets) Lakeside Drive St Kilda

Cost:                   Nil

Equipment:        Will be provided by Cricket Victoria

Skills:                  The pilot program will cater for all ages and abilities


We are also looking for suggestions from members on other social activities they may be interested in; eg card nights, movie nights, indoor / barefoot bowls, walking groups, exercise classes, table tennis etc

Please lodge all feedback, expressions of interest or enquiries with Ossie:


Mob: 0499 003 588


Bob Small



It’s Not Only A Men’s Shed

Having been established for more than six years and with over 80 members the Port Phillip Men’s Shed (PPMSA) expanded its activities in 2018 to allow for the inclusion of women members. Women who are keen to become involved in wood working, metal working, gardening or general hobbies may now join the PPMSA as Associate Members.

Valda working on her picture frames

Valda working on her picture frames

Membership is easy, simply fill out a membership application form and pay the required membership fee. You may then attend our mixed workshop sessions currently held on Fridays from 9am to 1pm. Additional mixed sessions may become available in 2019. Various training workshops will also be held in 2019; picture framing, lead lighting, welding etc.

New members are required to complete a simple safety induction prior to undertaking any workshop activities and technical support and assistance is available. Current women members have completed a range of exciting activities in 2018; building a set of bunks, picture framing, chopping boards, etc.

Mixed group in five week course 2018

Mixed group in five week course 2018

If you are interested in joining please feel free to contact any of the following:

President: Bob Small 0417 067 319
Secretary: Tony Donohue 0412 105 464
Workshop Mgr Rod Hall 0409 055 885
Treasurer: Justin Gates 0432 427 029
Membership: Stephen Ingrouille 0432 390 018

Or simply drop into one of our Friday mixed sessions at our Shed located at Southport Uniting Church, 319 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne and ask to speak with the supervisor on duty. Sessions recommence on Friday 1 February 2019.

Community Group Completes Course at Men’s Shed

Voices of the South Side (VoSS) collaborated with the Port Phillip Men’s Shed to run a five week introduction to woodwork course with men and women from the VoSS program.

Mixed group in five week course 2018

Mixed group in five week course 2018

Twelve people including the two VoSS facilitators signed up as Men’s Shed members with past woodwork experience varying greatly amongst the group. Nine people from VoSS attended regularly with several participants opting to attend the Men’s Shed on general operating days rather than as a part of a course.

The aim of the course was to link VoSS participants to the Men’s Shed to reignite past interest in woodwork, teach people new skills and provide a new pathway into community participation that could be pursued independently. Completed projects included picture frames, a stand for a statue, a coffee table, wooden box for a saxophone mouthpiece and four people making chopping boards.

Feedback received at the completion of the course was very favourable.
Participants were highly satisfied with their experience of the course and their expectations were more than met. A couple had overestimated their skills and thought that they might be bored but the course allowed people who were more advanced to pursue their own projects with enough supervisors on board to facilitate this.
Group members felt very supported by the supervisors and felt that they were patient and flexible.

Due to the success of this pilot program we are considering further programs in 2019 and if we decide to proceed we will be looking for members to assist. The most likely session times will be Mondays 1pm to 3pm

Further information will be provided in February.

Bob Small
Port Phillip Men’s Shed